The Mahango Park is only about a 10 minutes drive from our lodge and is therefore a prioritized destination for half-day tours. We are pleased to accompany you in our safari vehicles and bring you closer to our flora and fauna.



A wild and exciting place with huge chances to encounter elephant and,  what the name already tells us, buffalo. Once having arrived at the riverbank by boat we will pick you up for a breathtaking experience. The trip does not only offer an overwhelming wildlife but also a park`s story worth listening to.



Enjoy the guided boat trip on the Okavango. Relax with a sundowner and watch hippos, herds of elephants drinking, buffalo and many bird species. With a little luck you can also see a leopard drinking at the river.


Let our local guide take you to the promising fishing spots and try your hand at catching a tigerfish, tilapia or catfish. Fishing equipment is available / can be provided.



Here you can experience how the locals live in their huts made of sand, wood and cattle dung. One of our lodge employees will show you his own kraal and introduce you to the way of life of the local people. A visit to school and kindergarten is just as important as a short visit to one of the shebeens (local bar). This is not a conventional tour or a so-called living museum, it shows you the real life of the people.


Our Popa Falls boat tour is a day boat tour where our local guide will explain the life of the people at the river to you. You watch how the men and boys try to catch their dinner on their little mokoros (dugout canoes) with the most primitive fishing rods, see women washing clothes on the river or how mothers bathe their children in the river. The local people (Kavangos) are very friendly and nice people, who are also happy when you wave to them and greet them. During the tour you will get a packed lunch and satisfy your hunger on the islans in the middle of the rapids. On the way to and from Popa Falls you can also watch crocodiles, hippos, many water birds and even elephants drinking.